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I welcome readers and visitors to my "Terms of Use" of Maksudq8 and its associated websites, its contents, services, and applications. Individuals may access the content in several ways using multiple channels including but not limited to www, digital, and social platforms. By using my content and services, that is, by reading or using any content, picture information, or whatsoever, the reader/visitor accepts my "Terms of Use” including Maksudq8's Privacy Policy. If anyone has any objection or reservation to any clause in this "Terms of Use" or the Privacy Policy, s/he may raise the issue with Maksudq8 by sending an email to maksudq8@yahoo.com. However, Maksudq8 reserves all right to reject or accept any such objection or reservation. All users of Maksudq8 are required to abide by these "Terms of Use". Failure to comply with the terms may lead to, among others, suspension of account or prohibition from access to the website. By entering the website of Maksudq8 or using applications of Maksudq8, readers/visitors are deemed to have received services from Maksudq8. These services include text, audio, video, images, etc.

Intellectual Property Rights
Maksudq8's logos, patents, images, text, graphics, logos, domain names, audio, video, and other related intellectual property rights or other features of the Maksudq8 brand. Users cannot claim any rights above features whether for commercial or non-commercial use.

Your use of my services
Site readers/visitors are required to use Maksudq8 services only for lawful means and for read-only purposes. The audio and visual elements of the website or application can only be listened to and viewed and nothing beyond that. Maksudq8 encourages its readers to share its content(s) in their social media profiles, groups, and related communities. However, the contents of my services must not be shared with anyone or with any other digital platforms with any modification or alteration. Readers/Visitors are prohibited from hacking the website or trying to get around my content security setup. 

The users must use the services only for non-commercial purposes. Users may use available services for personal, private, and non-commercial purposes only, the users must not exploit, sell or use any content appearing on my services for any kind of commercial purposes. The users must not use provocative or offensive language, pictures, or comments targeting the contents of Maksudq8.

Taking down contents
Maksudq8 can take down contents at any time at its sole discretion from its website or application. Readers/Visitors cannot refuse to remove content or apps from their respective devices if asked by Maksudq8. This might happen when Maksudq8 or its services are taken down.

Third-Party Contents
Maksudq8 does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any third-party or liability whatsoever contents. Third-party contents include such contents which are not generated or produced by Maksudq8. It includes contents, images, and texts which are uploaded or displayed by Maksudq8 but which are created or generated, or produced by someone or entity other than Maksudq8.

Privacy Policy
The entire Privacy Policy of Maksudq8 is an integral part of the "Terms of Use". All clauses in the Privacy Policy are hereby incorporated by reference, except for the clauses which are similar or have the same meaning.
The advertisements included in the Maksudq8 website and mobile apps are by third-party companies, which may collect information about users for which Maksudq8 shall bear no responsibility that may arise as a result of collecting and/or sharing the information with any other party. Maksudq8 shall not accept any liability that may arise as a result of any content of any advertisement that may appear on the Maksudq8 website. Modification of Terms of Use

Maksudq8 reserves the right to amend, modify, alter, or omit any terms in the "Terms of Use" at any time but the changed policy shall be immediately uploaded or updated on the website. By continuing to use my services after any changes are made, you accept those changes and will be bound by them. I encourage readers/visitors to periodically check back and review this policy to always know what information I collect, how I use it, and with whom I share it. Use of Cookies.

Maksudq8 does not collect any user data based on cookies, nor does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user. If a third party associated with the Maksudq8 website collects user cookies upon your visit to the Maksudq8 website, Maksudq8 does not control the use of these cookies. Therefore, visitors/users should check the relevant third-party websites.

When users register with Maksudq8, personally identifiable information is collected for authentication. The information Maksudq8 collects is not shared with any third party. However, Maksudq8 may use the information to send messages, or information from Maksudq8 or any of its associated companies. 

Communication by Maksudq8
From time to time, Maksudq8 may contact its users via e-mail, phone, or social links for invitations for participation in events, campaigns/competitions, feedback and surveys, etc. organized by Maksudq8.

User Generated Content
Users of Maksudq8 may submit posts and/or upload content (including comments, pictures, and videos). In posting content, users confirm that they are the owner or have consent from the owner to post the content and that the content is not obscene, harassing, deceptive, threatening, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, offensive, fraudulent, defamatory of any person or illegal.

Maksudq8 does not endorse any user-generated content nor does it guarantee the accuracy or authority of any user-generated content. 

Maksudq8 reserves the right to remove any user's content/comments/video, suspend or discontinue one's opportunity to submit post and/or upload content, at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion without any notice and without further recourse to users. 

Maksudq8 usually filters the content of the website and in the event that any offensive, unpleasant, or distasteful comment and/or picture is published regardless of the filtration process Maksudq8 shall not accept any liability arising out of it.

In the event that users post any comment that may be regarded offensive, degrading, inappropriate, or objectionable by any reasonable person or Maksudq8, Maksudq8 may use the personal information of the concerned to prevent such behavior. 

Accessing the website from outside Bangladesh
All personal information submitted by users in accordance with these "Terms of Use" and outside Bangladesh will be processed in Privacy Policy.

Maksudq8 aims to provide its users with the best service. However, it does not and cannot promise that all the information provided within its service including multimedia content like images & videos will always be accurate. The contents provided by Maksudq8 are for information purposes only and do not constitute advice. All of Maksudq8's services are provided without any warranties or guarantees.

Posting and Viewing Contents
Readers/visitors acknowledge and agree that when they post content on the Maksudq8 website or view content provided by others, they are doing so at their own discretion and risk, including any reliance they place on the accuracy, and completeness, of that content.
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