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Hi There,
Welcome to you to my blog website, I am Maksud Alam with you Owner of maksudq8.com, which is one of the most popular & Professional General Blog Platform. Currently, I am living in Kuwait & working in a private company as an Health Safety Environment (HSE) Officer in the oil and gas sector at Mina Al-zour New Refinery Project (NRP) “Consultant: - Amec Foster wheeler/ Client:- Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC)” Kuwait. A website dedicated to helping you by posting video contents about – Technology, YouTube channel-related tips & tricks, Video Making & Editing Guidelines, Video editing tutorials, Designing, Computer tips & tricks, Social Networking, MS Office, Banking, Tourism Guide, Unboxing, And much more to educate, Inspire & inform about beautiful humans around the world.

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  Maksud Alam
Owner of  / Maksudq8
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